Baked Goods for Post-parade BBQ Tomorrow

Apologies for the late notice, but once again, we’re asking parents to contribute desserts and baked goods for our post-parade BBQ on Saturday. Anything that is your favourite and nut-free would be ideal, but please avoid anything that requires utensils as these will be in short supply. Cookies, brownies, and butter tarts are all good examples. As always, we’re hoping to fill the dessert table without additional cost to the squadron. For those who can’t (or, in this case, don’t have the time to) bake, Timbits and store-bought cookies will be accepted with a smile too. Desserts can either be dropped off with your cadet or brought when you come for the parade itself. Thank you in advance.

Please contact Mrs. Mehrotra on the Sponsoring Committee to let her know what you’ll be dropping off. Email:

PS: Marked Tupperware containers make returning dishes easier.