This Week

Thanks to all of the cadets and staff who participated in the flurry of pre-Remembrance Day activities on the weekend. Between the various Royal Canadian Legion events (the Poppy Campaign, and the Veterans’ Dinner and Luncheon) and the Grace United Church Remembrance Service, the complements on the cadets’ contributions were almost non-stop. Well done!

We have one more week to go before the November schedule relaxes somewhat. This week’s training details, parades, and community events have been posted to the calendar and can be found below.

Wednesday: Training Night
Friday and Saturday: Remembrance Day Vigil and Parades
Sunday: St. Mark’s Church Service (for cadets who attended the Vimy 100 Trip)

In other good news, we now have the training schedule with instructors posted for the remainder of the calendar year and are committing to have the first three months of 2018’s schedule posted by the beginning of December.

Remember that you have to be signed into the web page to see instructors’ names in the training schedule and to have access to the signup sheets.