Familiarization Flying – Standby!

Please standby as we wait for approval for our Famil Flying. Coincidentally, the weather was not going to cooperate for tonight anyways. Capt Mario Palumbo, CD of the St. Catharines Cadet Flying Training Site will be the Pilot for our outings.  The Sqn is paying for the flying – no cost to our cadets!

For Wed (pending approval!) – Group #1 meet at the NOTL Airport at 550pm. Group #2 meet at the NOTL Airport at 650pm. You must be LOGGED IN to view the names. If I missed your name, please text me ASAP to reserve your spot. 289-783-1942 (Capt Palumbo)

Group #1 Cadets:

Group # 2 Cadets:

Look for the website post & subsequent email to CONFIRM Famil Flying on Wednesday night.