Monday Night Trg & NAG Sports Competition

Tonight is the beginning of our new Monday night format.

Drill will be taking place between 7-8pm in the gymnasium as usual. Wear civilian clothing, but bring your parade boots and wedge. Everyone needs to be out – we’re down to crunch time for the silent routine. We only have 9 more practices until the NAG Drill Competition in April.

From 8-9pm will be our first sports practice to get us ready for the NAG Sports Competition at the end of the month (Sat 28th of Jan).  WE NEED EVERY SINGLE CADET to participate on a team. We can bring 21 cadets for the day – that’s all of us! – so come out tonight and find a team that best suits your particular talents.

The sports are: volleyball, hand ball and indoor soccer. We need a minimum of 5 players on each team. It would be better if we had two subs as well – especially for soccer! There are age restrictions, and general competition rules – we’ll talk about it all tonight. WOI Lavoie & WOII Giansante will be helping Capt Palumbo run the practice. Come out ready to play right at 8pm – gym shorts (NO jeans), t-shirts and running shoes required. Wear your 809Sqn tshirt – or bring it at 7pm to get the paint touched up and ready for the comp (that’s what we wear on competition day – do you need your last name added? Bring it on Wed for CI Thiffault to work her magic).

For this Monday night there will be NO other training taking place. The classrooms will be closed/off-limits and all cadets will be in the gymnasium.