Remembrance Day Breakfast Volunteers Needed

Parents/Guardians we need your help!

Please see the attached request list for donations of food for the cadets’ breakfast and mid-day snack on Friday before/after the parade: sign-up-for-remembrance-day Breakfast begins at 615am. All items can be brought in on Thurs night, or Fri morning. Please RSVP what you’ll be bringing to Mrs Mehrotra at .

The items on the list as well as any other food (hot, delicious casserole dish – Giansante) that you may want to bring would also be welcome.  🙂 All peanut/nut free please.

We need PARENT DRIVERS – to drive our cadets to and from the parade site (Clock Tower in Old Town) beginning at 645am on Fri, in 30 min intervals, right up until the parade starts at 1030. If you can help, please give your name to Capt Palumbo when you drop off your cadet on Thursday night for the beginning of the Vigil.

Dress for FRIDAY for our cadets is C-1 (with overcoat and black gloves). For Thursday night it is appropriate civilian attire. If your cadet hasn’t finished their 809 Sqn Tshirt, Thurs night will be the perfect time to do so.

Thank you for your generous support of our Cadets!