Canadian Space Agency Announcement

Canadian Space Agency Call for Female Astronauts!!

The Canadian Space Agency is looking for the next Julie Payette or Roberta Bondar and is encouraging more women to apply to the follow in their footsteps. Ever since the agency kicked off its recruitment drive in June to find Canada’s two new astronauts, it has received more than 3,300 applications, but less than a third are from female applicants.

To encourage more women to apply, the agency has reached out to professional associations and organizations (Women in Aerospace Canada) that have large female membership.

For more information please see CBC wrote a story on this At the very least, many people, of all ages are applying to at least be able to say they applied. Even a rejection letter would be something to keep!

We do not know when this opportunity will come around again! If you have the ability to encourage any young women to apply as an astronaut, we would implore you to please forward this information to any groups, clubs, associations or others that would benefit. This is so important for young women of Canada.

For more information or questions, please feel free to contact WIA Director:

Michelle Mendes CEO & President Canada Space Commerce Association 416-500-7008 Regards,

Leigh J. Leigh Kras Women in Aerospace – Canada Tel: (+1) 905-387-1550 Fax: (+1) 905-385-2073 Email: