ANNUAL CEREMONIAL REVIEW PARADE tomorrow SAT 4 Jun 16 – Cadets arrive at 9am for practice. Parents please join us at 1030am. There will be reserved seating for our local dignitaries, Reviewing party, award presenters and families of graduating cadets. Otherwise, seating is on a first come basis. No3 VIRGIL FIRE HALL on CONCESSION 6.

DRESS: C-1 for the parade. Cadets are to arrive in C2B (what they wore on Wed) – their blue dress cadet shirt, pants, socks, belt, wedge, boots, & rank slip-ons. They are to BRING their tunic & tie on a hanger. Make sure their name tag and any pins or medals (full size) are attached.

The parade format is as follows: parade display followed a viewing of the static displays then a BBQ luncheon. You are welcome to join for the luncheon – no cost.

PARKING: please do not park to the LEFT of the Fire Hall – this must be reserved in case of fire for the Virgil volunteer firemen. Park on the road, or to the right of the hall.

NOTE: this parade is a mandatory event. Every cadet must attend in order to complete their level training.