Squadron Wish List

At long last, the Squadron Wish List that used to adorn the office chalkboard has been typed out with approx. cost for each item and available stores for purchase.

For those that have expressed an interest in purchasing/donating these items for the squadron, please understand that you are in no way obligated to do so. Donations of any kind – large or small – are always appreciated, so that we do not have to use cadet raised funds to purchase them.

The list is not exhaustive – you may notice the lack of Tim Horton’s gift cards (always great for training weekend Timbits) or coffee pods for the Office Keurig. Printer paper, office supplies and almost anything else you can imagine we use, is also welcome. Just check in with the staff before you purchase it, so we don’t end up with so many tents we have nowhere to store them.

Thank you in advance to those who have already given gifts of paper, coffee and other awesome items that make working at 809 a delight. Your generosity is truly appreciated.

For those looking into a long-term donation, please contact the Sponsoring Committee through Mr. Hendriks to hear about our Corporate Sponsorship program.

Squadron Wish List