TAGGING next wknd

Please take a look at the website before Wed 22 Apr 15 to familiarize yourself with the tagging times for the wknd.

There are four shifts available: each cadet is expected to do two.  PARENTS: If your cadet does not participate, the $75.00 cheque will be cashed. Robotics competitions, family vacations and school work may prevent them from participating – but the cheque will still be cashed. We need maximum participation. This fundraising pays the rent for our building and our Familiarization flying time. Please ensure your cadet does their part.

FRI: 5pm-8pm

SAT: 9am-1pm

SAT: 12pm-4pm

SUN: 12pm-4pm

Duty Officer is listed for each day. Cadets are to report to this officer upon arrival. Parents please let them know if you can drive cadets to/from their location. As per the our Tagging Guidelines: 809 Newark Sqn Tagging Guidelines one staff member will be at the Squadron Office for the duration of the shift. They will deal with any emergencies that arise. Two Sponsoring Committee Members will be assigned per shift to cover the Outlet Mall and to drive between the other locations to periodically check on cadets. Each cadet will have the Sqn Office Phone # 905-468-7584 to call if they encounter a problem. Parents are needed to drive cadets out and bring them back from each shift.

QUESTIONS? email: tammypalumbo@yahoo.ca or come in to the office on Monday or Wednesday.