Sponsor Appreciation Tonight

PARENTS: Please join us during closing parade for our Sponsor Appreciation beginning at 855pm. We will be enjoying cupcakes and drinks to celebrate all the fantastic opportunities that our Squadron Sponsoring Committee create for your cadets, through their time, effort and dedication to our squadron.

My apologies for the mis-communication this morning regarding the March Break Trip parent meeting next Wed (I shouldn’t attempt to post before the kids go to school). We have changed the time of the meeting though, to 815pm on Wed Mar 11th, to better accommodate pick-up of your cadet and avoid waiting around after drop-off. In an effort to reduce the number of times you are required and/or requested to attend various┬áparade night functions, the parent meeting originally scheduled at the end of the month has been cancelled (and deleted from the calendar). Thank you for your understanding.

T. Palumbo


CO 809 Sqn