Bottle Drive THANK YOU

A message from Mr. Scott Ruttan, Sponsoring Committee Chair:

“Good morning all. Saturday was another successful bottle drive day. The turnout of Cadets, Parents & Staff was fantastic and the results were equally great. Mr. Hendriks will announce the results on Wednesday at the closing of the evening. Thanks to everyone who participated, and once again a huge thankyou to Mr. & Mrs. VanNoort for their generosity of supplying the facility to sort and the trucks to deliver. Without them the success of these drives would certainly be a lot harder to do & equal.”

I would like to add my own personal thanks as well. In particular to the parents who help by driving and sorting – thank you for taking the time to support your cadet in our program. And to those families where it’s simply an “all hands on deck” kind of day: thank you for giving up your family time to support your cadet family. We appreciate you! – Capt Palumbo