Bottle Drive Saturday!

Saturday, 10 January 2015, 9am-4pm at the VanNoort Greenhouses at the corner of Hunter & Creek Rds in NOTL. Dress is CIVILIAN WARM with CADET TOQUE. Prepare to get cold and dirty, dress appropriately. Lunch will be provided for all cadets, staff, sponsors and volunteers.

Attendance is mandatory for all cadets. The $75.00 attendance cheque will be cashed if cadets fail to participate.

We will be collecting, sorting, loading and delivering bottles all day. Parents there are three ways you can help:

1. offering to drive cadets to pick up bottles,

2. stay and sort at the Greenhouse, or

3. meet the truck at the Beer Store in St. Catharines to unload the delivery.

These Bottle Drives are our single largest one-day fundraising initiatives for the training year. Without your help we can’t make our goals. Without the money they generate, we can’t offer the best possible program for our cadets.

If you are able to drive, please introduce yourself to CI NORMA RUTTAN – who will be running the drivers all day. You will need to bring your DRIVER’s LICENSE and a copy of your CAR INSURANCE to her for validation.

Let’s have a great fundraising day!!!