Can’t wait to see you out tonight at the joint FTX with 87 Welland Air Cadet Sqn. Range, Survival Skills, Leadership taskings, Game of Life, MREs


TIMINGS: Fri 7pm Parent DROP-OFF  at 62 Squadron HQ in Grimsby. 105 Mountain Rd

Please be sure to check in with Capt Lemoine upon arrival tonight. Parents please do not leave before they do so – DON’T FORGET YOUR HEALTH CARDS!!!!!

Sun 2pm PICK-UP at 62 Squadron HQ 105 Mountain Rd Grimsby

DRESS: civilian appropriate to weather; olive drab combat clothing with air cadet uniform ranks, blue beret and combat boots (own purchase and optional); OFFICERS: CADPAT

Due to expected overnight weather temp we will be sleeping INDOORS. Temps will range from -6C to 9C throughout the wknd. PACK ACCORDINGLY. Rain and snow are both expected – we will train regardless.

PARENTS: the cadets and staff always love to have some treats from home while we are out in the field – if you can contribute to the cause please feel free to bring brownies, cookies, timbits, or any other dessert you love to bake or buy (nut free please!). Please don’t forget HEALTH CARDS (no HC = no FTX).