Wed Night Training

Parents please join us for a special presentation at the beginning of the night. 630pm Parade Square

Duty Officer
Capt Lemoine

  • Dress
    New Recruits: white shirt, black pants, tie OR C-3 Routine Training Dress (Check the dress regulations under CADETS – DRESS REGULATIONS-NUMBERED ORDERS OF DRESS page 5 on the website) – do not mix uniform with non-uniform clothing parts.
  • LAC, Cpl, FCpl: C-3
  • Sgt, FSgt, WOII: C-2

FTX: 21-22-23 Nov 14, Drop-off at 62 Sqn 105 Mountain Rd Grimsby 7pm on Fri, pick-up on Sun at 2pm.

SUMMER TRAINING: Please find the NATIONAL COURSE HANDBOOK here: 2015 National Courses HB it contains all relevant information regarding the new application process for 2015.