Summer Training REMINDERS

Please remember to bring:

– your ONTARIO HEALTH CARD (no substitutes accepted)

– your TRANSPORTATION FORM (copy here: Cadet In Region Tpt Form 2012)

– your OFFER OF PARTICIPATION (signed by you, your parents and either CI Ruttan or Capt Palumbo)

These documents will guarantee you smooth traveling to your destination.  If you are missing any of these items, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure you have them in your possession prior to boarding the bus/airbus/airplane.

Dress for travel is UNIFORM (no tunic). Bring only what you can carry (one backpack and one luggage piece). Snacks are fine too – but clean up after yourself. And remember: don’t bring anything that you really don’t want to lose. Things happen. Stuff goes missing.

HAVE FUN! Our first cadet departs SUNDAY! Capt Palumbo will be in touch over the next few weeks with any outstanding travel orders. Check your email.