Wed Night Trg 20 Nov 13

Parents please read the post about the upcoming parents meeting NEXT Wed 27 Nov 2013. All applicable forms are available to download from the website.

Tonight we will begin our prep for the Field Training Exercise this weekend: 22, 23, 24 Nov. We are holding it at 62 Sqn HQ in Grimsby – ALL cadets are required to make their own way there – this significantly cuts down on costs for buses and allows us to spend it elsewhere to enhance trg. Please try and carpool.  All relevant details are listed under the calendar event page for the FTX including the Kit List.

As the temperature will only be dropping, we are moving into Winter dress for the cadets. Winter Dress: Tunic, Turtleneck, Wedge, Belt, Grey Socks, & Parade Boots for all cadets except Sgts & Up. If you do not have a turtleneck, please see CI Thiffault in Supply.

If you have any photos of cadets that you would like published on the website please submit them to Capt Palumbo via email.