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Santa Claus Parade

Good Morning All,

In the festivities of our recent (and very successful) mess dinner, we probably didn’t communicate the details of the NOTL Santa Claus Parade.  So for those that missed it or need confirmation please see below:

  • DATE: Saturday, 12 December 2015
  • Time:
    • Cadet Arrival – No later than 10:15am
    • Parade Start – 11:00am
    • Cadet Ready for Pick Up – No later than 12:30
  • Location: Branch 124 Legion – 410 King St
  • Dress:
    • C2 – All (Sgt, FSgt, WO2, WO1)
    • C3 – Everyone else (LAC, Cpl, FCpl)
    • Everyone must wear their Parka (liner is optional)
  • Special Assignments:
    • The following cadets are to wear sports clothes:
    • The following cadets are to wear Field Training Cloths (Olive Drab Fatigues)

Be aware that our spot in the parade is very close to the front, and as such we generally finish the parade before Santa himself has started moving.  So if you plan on watching the parade please advise your cadet where you will be, to ensure a timely pick up.

Please take a strong cautionary note that traffic becomes incredibly congested and impossible to navigate starting around 10:00am. If you plan on viewing the parade I would suggest arriving early to find parking.  Otherwise setting up a drop off and pick up location a few blocks away from the core may allow you to get in or out a little easier.


See everyone tomorrow morning.  Bring your Christmas Cheer (despite the weather)!