Parent Sign Up – Mess Dinner Assistance – December 20, 2023

Our annual mess dinner is coming up on December 20. It’s a celebration in Military Style, giving our cadets an opportunity to experience RCAF tradition and enable them to interact in a social setting prior to our Christmas break. Even though it centers around training and tradition, this has been an effort on behalf of the entire squadron. The staff looks after the program, the SSC looks after most of the preparations as far as the venue and the food, along with the logistics of how it works behind the scenes. Parents have helped out as servers during the dinner. It’s for this that we’re looking for your help. So, Parents/Guardians, we asking for your help to make this a success. Please sign up to show your availability and desire to help us out with this annual tradition. If you find that all the spots are filled up and you’d still like to help, please let us know.

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Parent Volunteer#1: Lucas P.
#2: Luke F.
#3: Rene F.
#4: Patricia C.