Weekly Routine Order (WRO) 2022/23-01 – Week 1 – 4 September 2022


4 September 2022

RO Number


CO’s Message

Welcome Back 809!

After a long, and I hope fun, summer break, we’re starting back up again.

This Wednesday, September 7, marks the beginning of the 2022-23 training year. The staff and I are looking forward to seeing all of you and hearing the stories of how you spent your summer.

This year is going to start off in a quick fashion as we have several events already scheduled for the month of September, so let’s begin.

809 Officer and Senior Cadet Staff Positions

There are some minor changes in the staff positions this year. Here’s a reminder

Commanding Officer (CO): Lt Couroux
Deputy Commanding Office (DCO): Lt Russell
Training Officer (TrgO): Lt Nicolescu
Administration Officer (AdminO): Capt Lemoine
Supply Officer (SupO): CI Dau
Squadron Warrant Officer: WO2 Abt
Squadron Deputy Warrant Officer: FSgt Forsyth

COVID-19 Rules

COVID-19 rules have changed slightly for this training year. Masks are no longer mandatory, except under certain circumstances, such as travelling in military transport or when entering an establishment that requires masks to be worn. If you feel comfortable wearing a mask, and would like to continue, you are permitted to do so.

It’s no longer a requirement for you to fill out and post a declaration. The link for this will no longer be provided.

Social distancing will still be practiced as much as possible. Also, it’s encouraged that we do as much training as possible outside.

We’re still committed to making cadets a safe and fun experience. If you have any questions on this, please consult a staff member.

Regular Training

Where: Squadron HQ
When: 7 September 2022
Who: All Cadets and Staff
Dress: Cadets – C5 (FTU), CEF 5 (CADPAT/NCD), CIs/CVs – Golf Shirt and Khakis
Duty Officer: Lt Couroux

Training Night Schedule

Begins Ends Period
1815 1830 Building Open, Parade Set-Up
1830 1845 Uniform Inspection/Opening Parade
1845 1920 Period 1
1925 2000 Period 2
2000 2015 Break
2015 2050 Period 3
2050 2100 Clean-Up Trg Areas/Parade
2100 2115 Closing Parade
2115 2130 Building Closed

Class Schedule

  Period 1
Period 2
Period 3
Level One PO/EO      
Description Welcome Speech General Cadet Knowledge General Cadet Knowledge
Instructor Lt Couroux
Level Two PO/EO      
Description Welcome Speech General Cadet Knowledge General Cadet Knowledge
Instructor Lt Couroux
Level Three PO/EO      
Description Welcome Speech General Cadet Knowledge General Cadet Knowledge
Instructor Lt Couroux
Level Four PO/EO      
Description Welcome Speech General Cadet Knowledge General Cadet Knowledge
Instructor Lt Couroux

Upcoming Events

1. Bottle Drive:

Where: Van Noorts’ (Corner of Hunter Rd and Four Mile Creek Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake)

When: Saturday, 10 September, 0830 (8:30am) – Approximately 1400 (2:00pm)

Who: All Cadets, Staff, SSC members and Parents
Dress: Appropriate Civilian Attire – Dress for the weather
OIC: Lt Couroux

The bottle drive is an important fundraiser for 809 Squadron.  The bulk of the money we raise comes from this initiative.  This is where we get the money to attend special events like the last year’s “Top Gun: Maverick” showing and Cadet Day at Canada’s Wonderland.  It’s also where we get the money for training activities like FTXs and flying.  Most of all, it is what keeps us operating as a squadron and pays for our headquarters.  Without this fundraising, we wouldn’t be able to run our program.

Because of its importance, we’re requesting that all cadets attend.  We’re also requesting parents/guardians participate as well.  We’ll need help sorting bottles, picking up bottles at off-site locations, and helping at pick-up locations.  Bring your trucks and cargo trailers if you can.

This is considered a mandatory activity. If you cannot attend, please call the squadron to advise of your absence. Make sure you all complete the online registration as usual.

Here’s some additional informaton:

2. Garrison Training Weekend:

Where: Burgoyne Outdoor Education and Resourse Centre (St. Anns)

When: Friday, 16 September – Sunday, 18 September, Timings To Be Determined
Who: All Cadets and Staff
Dress: Cadets C5 (FTU), CAF 5 (CADPAT), CIs/CVs Civilian Attire
OIC: Lt Couroux

This year, we’re participating in the Niagara Garrison Field Training Weekend. This is the first time this is being held and cadets from all three branches (Sea, Army, and Air) will be taking part. You’ll not only take part in typical FTX activities but also those that sea and army cadets experience as well. We’re expecting approximately 500 cadets and staff to be there.

Transportation will be provided from our squadron HQ to the training site. Food is being provided throughout the weekend.

More information, including a kit list to follow. Look for emails, and postings on our website, as more information is received.

This is considered a mandatory activity. If you cannot attend, please notify the squadron to advise of your absence. Make sure you all complete the online registration as usual.

3. Gliding:

Where: Niagara District Airport (Niagara-on-the-Lake)

When: Saturday, 24 September, Timings To Be Determined
Who: All Interested Cadets
Dress: Appropriate Civilian Attire
OIC: Capt Lemoine

We tentatively have our first gliding date on Saturday, 24 September. This will be a half-day experience. We haven’t had a flying date in a couple of years. This is an awesome activity and I encourage everyone to sign up. More information on this to follow.


All attendees must check-in for all in-person activities using the Registration for In-Person Events form.

In-Person Activity Check-In Form
In-Person Activity Registration

This Week’s Activities

Date Day Activity Location Dress OIC
7 September 2022 Wednesday Parade Night Squadron HQ Cadets C5, CAF 5, CI/CV Golf Shirt and Kakhis Lt Couroux
10 September 2022 Saturday Bottle Drive Van Noorts’ Civilian Lt Couroux

Upcoming Activities

Date Day Activity Location Dress OIC
16-18 September 2022 Friday-Sunday Garrison Training Weekend Burgoyne Outdoor Education and Resource Centre Cadets C5, CAF 5, CI/CV Civilian Lt Couroux
24 September 2022 Saturday Gliding Niagara District Airport Civilian Capt Lemoine

D Couroux
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS

809 Squadron – 2022-23 Training Year Starts 07SEP2022

Good evening 809,

It’s that time again.    809 resumes in-person training for the 2022-23 training year on Wednesday, September 7.    Make sure you have your uniforms ready to go, proper hair cut, all appropriate badges and so on.    Dress for that night will be 5’s.   Bring in any uniform parts that need to be exchanged (blues or green).    Remember, if you don’t have all the proper parts, your uniform can’t be worn.   You’ll need to wear suitable black pants and a white collared shirt.  More details about our start up and the activities planned for September will follow in the WRO’s when they’re published next weekend.

We can’t wait to see everyone.

Lt Couroux
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS

Canada Summer Games – Medal Ceremonies

Good evening,

The summer games are upon us and there are several opportunities for cadets throughout the region to take part as flag bearers in the medal ceremonies.    Air, Sea and Army cadets are all taking part.   If you’re interested in participating, please fire me off an email to let me know.    I’ll then send you a list of available times and locations that you can pick from.  Send an email to me at daniel.couroux2@cadets.gc.ca


Garrison Training Weekend – Sept 16-18 2022

Hello 809.   I hope you’re all having a great summer.

I’ve got some early, but exciting, news about training!

The 2022/23 training year will be starting off with a bang.   There will be a Niagara wide FTX training weekend during the weekend of September 16-18.     This FTX will include all cadet units in the Niagara area, not only Air, but also Army and Sea as well.    This will amount to about 400 cadets taking part.   There will be some cross training, so you’ll have an opportunity to participate in some activities only offered to the other services.    Transportation, food and training will be provided.    There is a limited number of sleeping bags and tents available, so we’re being asked to provide our own where we can.

This will be a mandatory training event.  All cadets and staff are being asked to attend.   Transportation, food and training will be provided.   Please make yourselves available and reply to me with your acknowledgement.

In closing, please respond to me by email indicating whether you have a sleeping bag or if you’ll be needing one.  CI Dau, can you verify the number of serviceable tents we have available?   I’d like to have your replies by 5pm tomorrow (Wednesday, August 10).    Send those emails to daniel.couroux2@cadets.gc.ca.

I’m looking forward to hearing from each of you.

FSgt Vidal Solos!

Mrs Vidal reached out to let us know that FSgt Vidal has completed his first solo flight.   Congratulations FSgt Vidal.   Good luck with the remainder of your course.

Lt Couroux

Welcome Home FSgt Dau

CI Dau tells us that FSgt Dau made it home after graduating the Survival Instructor Course at CTC Blackdown.   From what he tells me, FSgt Dau had fun but wishes the course was 6 weeks.   Congratulations on your graduation and welcome home FSgt.

Lt Couroux