National Course Interviews

2017/02/11 @ 08:30 – 16:00
79 Squadron LHQ
200 Erie St
Port Colborne, ON L3K 4M4
Mr K Moody, CD 809 Sponsor
  • Date and Time:  Saturday, February 11, 2017.
  •  Pre-interview briefing will start at 0800 hrs, first interview scheduled should be at 0845 hrs or as published;
  • Interview location:79 Squadron LHQ, 200 Erie Street, Port Colborne, Ontario L3K 4M4; and
  • End time TBA, depends on the number of applicants to be interviewed.
A lunch will be provided by the host Squadron for members of interview panels and alternates. 79 Sqn has indicated that its cadet canteen will not be open, so Squadron escorts and cadets should act accordingly.  We may be able to provide bottled water and juice boxes during the day.
Scheduling of cadets for interviews will be done by the OPC office in Toronto, but we do have some control over that.  Traditionally, 62 Sqn has asked that their interviews be scheduled in the latter half of the morning to be finished by the lunch break.  Also, the host, 79 Sqn, has asked that interviews of the 79 Sqn candidates take place at the end of the day so that its cadets will be available to assist in post event clean-up.  I will ask Anne Kozich to prepare the schedule with this in mind.
I am planning to operate the interview sessions using 3 interview panels, much as we did last year; a GPS Interview Panel, a PPS panel and an Aviation Technology/IACE panel.
The experience is usually a very positive one.  Experience gained here is very useful in preparing cadets for the interview process in future years.
Kenn Moody
ROC 10 Sqn Director
123 Paxton Lane
St. Davids, Ontario
L0S 1J1