Remembrance Day Vigil & Parades

2013/11/11 @ 05:00 – 19:30
Squadron HQ & NOTL Clocktower
Capt Palumbo


0600 hrs – Reveille first group

0620 hrs  – Breakfast first group

0645 hrs – Drive to cenotaph first group – Driver: Mrs. Burland

Shifts are 30 mins each, 5 cadets per shift

Parent drivers needed for each changeover: 0715, 0745, 0815, 0845, 0915 & 0945. PLEASE GIVE YOUR NAMES TO CAPT PALUMBO by email if you can be a driver.

CI Thiffault – supervision on site at cenotaph

Capt Lemoine – supervision at Sqn HQ

Sponsors are providing breakfast for the cadets.

Remembrance Day parade – all cadets are to be at the NOTL Clock tower by 10am. We will need extra parent drivers for this. If you are available either reply to this post, or send Capt Palumbo an email.

Queenston Parade: begins following the NOTL Parade. Cadets will be transported by the Legion from NOTL to Queenston. Afterward, a lunch will be given to the cadets at the Legion. Cadets are to be picked up from the Legion by 1430hrs.

Thank you in advance to everyone that is helping to make this event a success. Although it requires quite a lot of coordination, the town and the Legion appreciate our efforts.

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