Poppy Sales

2014/11/01 @ 10:00 – 14:00

Poppy Sales will take place on Saturday November 1 and 8, meeting at the Cadet building. CI Ruttan will be taking you to your location for Poppy Sales and providing you with your box.

Dress is FULL UNIFORM with Cadet Parka. If it is cold, you are authorized to wear your cadet toque instead of your wedge.

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November 1st 10am-12pm: Cpl Hendriks, FCpl Giasante, FCpl Agnew-Stewart, Cpl Carbone
November 1st 12pm-2pm: FCpl Simpson, FCpl Lemoine, Sgt Carbone, Cpl Voogt

November 8th 10am-12pm: Cpl Carbone, Sgt Keighan, Cpl Lavoie, Cdt Lavoie
November 8th 12pm-2pm: Cpl Couroux, Sgt Carbone, WO1 Christopher, Sgt Deluca

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