Remembrance Day Vigil and Parades

Our Annual Remembrance Day Vigil begins on Friday, 10 Nov 2023 at 1900 (7:00pm), cadets will meet at the Royal Canadian Legion’s Ed Boldt Memorial Hall (upstairs) and begin preparations for Remembrance Day on Saturday.

Bring your uniform (on a hanger) and your boots; pajamas; a sleeping bag and pillow; toiletries; and any other essential items for a sleepover.

Dress for the Friday evening portion is casual. Jeans and a t-shirt are fine. Dress for the Saturday parades is full dress uniform: C1. The early forecasts are calling for clear skies and 4º. Bring your parka and prepare for cold weather.

Breakfast will be provided by the Squadron Sponsorship Committee through donations by our cadets’ families. Please accept our sincere thanks if you are contributing to our breakfast. Please see the Remembrance Day Breakfast Contributions sign-up sheet and bring the items with you when you arrive on Friday night.

The sign-up sheet for Remembrance Day breakfast contributions can be found here: Event Sign-ups. Please remember that you need to be logged into the site to see the sign-up sheets.

Our schedule for Remembrance Day is as follows:

0600 – Reveille (First Group)
0620 – Breakfast (First Group)
0645 – Walk to Cenotaph (First Group)
0700 – Shifts begin
1000 – Last shift at the Cenotaph
1030 – Old Town parade begins
1200 – Old Town parade ends and cadets return to the Royal Canadian Legion
1230 – Cadets are bussed to Queenston for the afternoon parade
1300 – Queenston parade begins
1430 – Queenston parade ends and cadets return to the Royal Canadian Legion
1500 – Cadets are ready for pickup at the Royal Canadian Legion

Shifts last for 30 mins each with five (5) cadets per shift.

Changeovers will occur at the top and bottom of each hour until the last shift takes position at 1030. This shift will remain for the duration of the Remembrance Day parade.

Thank you to all who contribute to making this event successful. The Remembrance Day parades are where we have an opportunity for cadets, staff, and volunteers to show our respect for our fallen and, through them, our community.

D. Couroux
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS