Weekly Routine Order (WRO) 2022/23-04 – Week 4 – 25 September 2022


25 September 2022

RO Number


CO’s Message

Good evening 809 Squadron.

Welcome to week four. There’s not a whole lot going on for the next couple of weeks. We’re finishing off a very busy September and are about to head into our second month of training. Be on the lookout for a start of optional training as we head into October. We’re also going to have our first CO’s parade!

809 Officer and Senior Cadet Staff Positions

Commanding Officer (CO): Lt Couroux
Deputy Commanding Office (DCO): Lt Russell
Training Officer (TrgO): Lt Nicolescu
Administration Officer (AdminO): Capt Lemoine
Supply Officer (SupO): CI Dau
Squadron Warrant Officer: WO2 Abt
Squadron Deputy Warrant Officer/Training NCO: FSgt Forsyth
Flight Commander/Admin NCO: FSgt Vidal
Flight Commander/Supply NCO: FSgt Dau
Cadet Correspondent: FSgt Couroux

COVID-19 Rules

COVID-19 rules have changed slightly for this training year. Masks are no longer mandatory, except under certain circumstances, such as travelling in military transport or when entering an establishment that requires masks to be worn. If you feel comfortable wearing a mask, and would like to continue, you are permitted to do so.

It’s no longer a requirement for you to fill out and post a declaration. The link for this will no longer be provided.

Social distancing will still be practiced as much as possible. Also, it’s encouraged that we do as much training as possible outside.

We’re still committed to making cadets a safe and fun experience. If you have any questions on this, please consult a staff member.

If you feel sick, do the responsible thing. Stay home.



Again, not everyone has their Cadet365 account up and running. Those of you that don’t please see Capt Lemoine this Wednesday evening.

Annual Validation Forms

We are still waiting on completed validation forms from three cadets. We need these in right away in order to finish your enrolment process for this year.


CI Dau won’t be in this Wednesday due to illness. Anyone needing anything from supply will need to see CI Dau when he returns, which will most likely be next Wednesday.\


Anyone needing parts for their blue uniforms, please make sure you get your new sizes and have them ready to see CI Dau when he returns a week from Wednesday. We’re going to have a CO’s parade, most likely on October 12. Make sure you’re kitted out.


Regular Training

Where: Squadron HQ
When: 28 September 2022
Who: All Cadets and Staff
Dress: Cadets – C5 (FTU), CAF 5 (CADPAT/NCD), CIs/CVs – Golf Shirt and Khakis or FTU
Duty Officer: Capt Lemoine

Training Night Schedule

1815 1830 Building Open, Parade Set-Up
1830 1845 Uniform Inspection/Opening Parade
1845 1920 Period 1
1925 2000 Period 2
2000 2015 Break
2015 2050 Period 3
2050 2100 Clean-Up Trg Areas/Parade
2100 2115 Closing Parade
2115 2130 Building Closed

Class Schedule

Period 1
Period 2
Period 3
Level One PO/EO M107.01 M108.01 O/F-1
Description Discuss Year One Training Adopt the Positions of Attention, Stand at Ease and Stand Easy SWO Discretion
Level Two PO/EO M203.02 M207.02 O/F-1
Description Discuss the Principles of Leadership Recognize Historical Aspects of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets SWO Discretion
Level Three PO/EO M331.01 M331.01 O/F-1
Description Describe Aircraft Stability Describe Aircraft Stability SWO Discretion
Level Four PO/EO M409.01 M409.01 O/F-1
Description Identify Methods of Instruction Identify Methods of Instruction SWO Discretion

Note: Off-duty instructors are to report to their secondary duties:

  • Training NCO: FSgt Forsyth
  • Administration NCO: FSgt Vidal
  • Supply NCO: FSgt Dau
  • Cadet Correspondent: FSgt Couroux

Lt Nicolescu will not be in attendance on Wednesday, Sept 28. See Lt Couroux if you have any questions pertaining to training.


1. Ground School

Where: TBD

When: TBD (Deadline for Applications is 15 October 2022)
Who: All interested cadets who are eligible to apply for GPTC or PPTC in Summer 2023
Dress: TBD

Anyone interested in applying for GPTC or PPTC MUST take part in 45 hours of Online Ground School and write the qualifying exam by the deadline of 15 January 2023, or they will not be considered for the course. Before your application can be submitted, you must have your Cadet365 account set up. If you’re interested, please see Capt Lemoine to enter your application into FORTRESS. The deadline for applications is 15 October 2022.

More details to follow.

2. Cadet Co-op (High School Credit Program)

The Training Year Cadet Co-op is starting back up once again in partnership between UCDSB (Upper Canada District School Board) and RCSU Central. 

To be eligible a cadet must:

  • Attend High School in Ontario
  • Reside in Ontario
  • Be a current cadet

There is a misconception that has come up over the years:

  • Cadets must be a student from UCDSB – Incorrect
  • The program is a ministry of education program, coordinated on behalf of the ministry through UCDSB. As long as the cadet is a student of any school board in Ontario (French, English, Public, Catholic, or even Private) they are eligible as the credit is linked to their OEN (Ontario Education Number)

Cadets can earn up to four (4) credits through the training year version of cadet co-op. It takes 90 hours of cadet activities (training, team practices, uniform prep, lesson prep, &c) to earn a credit, as well as completion of the pre-placement assignments, tracking their hours on a log sheet, and participating in your ACR. Why not earn some high school credits for what they are already doing?!

If you’re interested, please see Capt Lemoine for more information, including the application and a FAQ sheet.


All attendees must check-in for all in-person activities using the Registration for In-Person Events form.

In-Person Activity Check-In Form

This Week’s Activities

Date Day Activity Location Dress OIC
28 September 2022 Wednesday Parade Night Squadron HQ Cadets C5, CAF 5, CI/CV Golf Shirt and Kakhis or FTU Lt Couroux

Upcoming Activities

03 OCT 2022 Monday Optional Training Squadron HQ Suitable Civilian Clothes Lt Couroux
05 OCT 2022 Wednesday Parade Night Squadron HQ Cadets C5, CAF 5, CI/CV Golf Shirt and Kakhis or FTU Lt Couroux
10 OCT 2022 Monday No Training


12 OCT 2022 Wednesday CO’s Parade Squadron HQ Cadets C1A,


CI/CV Collared Shirt, Tie, Dress pants

Lt Couroux
17 OCT 2022 Monday Optional Training Squadron HQ Suitable Civilian Clothes Lt Couroux
19 OCT 2022 Wednesday Parade Night Squadron HQ Cadets C5, CAF 5, CI/CV Golf Shirt and Kakhis or FTU Lt Couroux
24 OCT 2022 Monday Optional Training Squadron HQ Suitable Civilian Attire Lt Couroux
26 OCT 2022 Wednesday Parade Night Squadron HQ Cadets C5, CAF 5, CI/CV Golf Shirt and Kakhis or FTU Lt Couroux

D Couroux
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS