Migration to Cadets365

Good morning.

Over the next little bit, we’ll be migrating all cadet and staff Google Workspace accounts to the new Cadets365 platform. During the period where we had to shift to virtual training, the Google Workspace platform served us well, but the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers organization will be conducting all activities over Cadets365 and the move is necessary.

I’ll be working with Lt Russell to provide access details and credentials to each cadet. Once we have verified that cadets can successfully connect to their Cadets365 account, we’ll forward all 809cadets.ca email and eventually retire the 809cadets.ca accounts.

In the meantime, if any cadets currently have access to operational Cadets365 accounts, email Lt Russell and myself so that we can forward your 809cadets.ca email and strike you off of our migration list.

J Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS