DCO’s Corner

Welcome back everyone.
What a couple of weeks…..We had some ups: CAP, the 80th Anniversary of the Air Cadet League and the 97th birthday of the RCAF.

And we had some downs: The passing of Prince Philip, loosing one of our past CO’s – Capt Brian Howard, the 104th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge (the last one could be both an up or down, I guess)

I hope everyone that participated in the CAP had a great experience. There was definitely plenty to do and I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.

The passing Capt Howard was definitely a sad note. I’ve never met him, but I hear lots of great things from the CIC members who have. Sorry I never had the chance to meet you, sir.

There are a couple of items to bring up for this upcoming week:

1/ April 22 is the 6th birthday of the combining of the RCSU’s (Regional Cadet Support Units) and the CJCR (Cadets & Jr Canadian Rangers) under the umbrella of the Vice Chief of Defense Staff. Check it out:

2/ This week is National Volunteer Week. So let’s give a shout out to the members of the SCC and also to CV Couroux, all of whom are volunteers with the squadron. Thanks for your efforts. To the staff members, we get paid, however, we still volunteered to take these duties on, thanks for your efforts. Finally, to you, the cadets. Thanks for volunteering to join the squadron. You’re what this program is all about. We couldn’t do this without any of you. Here’s a note from Commodore Kurtz.

That’s everything for now. I’m looking forward to seeing you all during training this week.

OCdt Couroux
DCO – 809 Newark RCACS