DCO’s Corner 04APR21 – Cadet Advisory Council & Virtual Summer Courses

Happy Easter 809,

I’ll be publishing a new column on a weekly basis to offset the WRO’s published by Capt. Lemoine.   I’ll try to find some cool items that include training, some history, and some opportunities that may be coming down the pipe that you may like to hear about.

To start, I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know that there’s still going to be some exciting summer opportunities this year even though in person training has been cancelled.   Check these options out and let us know if you’d like to take part:

Cadet Advisory Council

This summer, Cadets Canada will be creating a Cadet Advisory Council. This is a chance for you, a senior cadet, to influence the direction that the program will be heading in the future. 3 cadets will be chosen per RCSU to take part in the program. Check out the video below, along with the info link and let us know if you’d like to take part. The sooner the better please as I don’t believe that the spots will be available for long.

For more information:
Cadet Advisory Council – Information


Virtual Summer Training:

There is a wide variety of virtual training courses that are being offered for 2021.  With a combination of instructor led, and self paced courses, cadets will be able to earn qualifications, learn new skills, and connect with friends across Canada.   All of the courses will be operated on a new platform called CADET365.   More on this later.   

Here’s a list of what is going to be available:

Qualification Courses:

  • Virtual Basic Aviation
  • Virtual Advanced Aviation
  • Virtual Aerospace
  • Virtual Airport Operations
  • Virtual Survival
  • Virtual Military Band – Basic, Intermediate & Advanced
  • Virtual Pipes and Drums – Basic, Intermediate & Advanced
  • Virtual Cadet Correspondent
  • Introduction to Fitness & Sports
  • Virtual Coaching
  • Virtual Instructional Techniques
  • Effective Communication

Non-Qualification Courses:

  • Cadet Cyber Training

If you’re interested in these courses and would like more info, please check out this link and then let us know.  

Virtual Cadet summer training courses – Canada.ca

More new items will be posted on a weekly basis.   Now, go enjoy your Easter and we’ll see you on Wednesday night.


OCDT Couroux.