Weekly Routine Orders – Week of 12 Apr 2020

14 Apr 2020

RO Number

CO’s Message

It took a little longer than expected to get everything together, but we have our Google Classroom / Meet setup ready to try out. We’re a week late from the L3/L4 combined subjects review and exam schedule posted last week, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Now, I need to clarify things a bit. When the COVID-19 emergency was declared, the entire cadet training program was suspended. Our orders are that no mandatory training is to be conducted during this period, so:

  • Any activities that we schedule virtually are optional.
  • Any cadet who chooses not to participate will not be penalized in any way.

We intend to use the Classroom system in the new year for managing information related to our training, so a live test with some of the actual material will be useful. Any cadet who participates and takes the L3 or L4 Combined Aviation Subjects exam will have their results recorded for their level progression. Cadets who do not participate will be given the opportunity to complete this portion of their training when we resume normal activities.

If you are an L3 or L4 cadet and are interested in participating, please email me and OCdt Couroux and let us know so that we can generate an 809cadets.ca email address for you and add you to the Classroom. At the same time, please begin studying for the exam with the following material:

PROFICIENCY LEVEL 3 Aviation Subjects Handbook
PROFICIENCY LEVEL 4 Aviation Subjects Handbook

We’re looking to have an online review session on the 22nd of the month and to conduct the exam on the 29th. OCdt Couroux will follow up with further details.

We still haven’t received any submissions for next year’s Anniversary Pin. If you’ve got ideas and a little bit of spare time, this is the perfect opportunity to put something together. The original deadline for submissions was to be tomorrow, but I’m sure we can push that out under the circumstances. For reference, here’s a link to the original post:

Anniversary Pin Competition

We’re still waiting for information on whether or not our cadet activity will resume after our current 30 April date, but have been told that more information will be coming this week. I’ll keep you informed as I have more information.

If you have any questions, please email me directly.

Stay put and stay safe.

Upcoming Activities

Date Day Activity Location Dress OIC
22 Apr 2020 1900 Wednesday L3/L4 Combined Aviation Subjects Q&A Hangouts Meet N/A OCdt Couroux
29 Apr 2020 1900 Wednesday L3/L4 Combined Aviation Subjects Exam Hangouts Meet N/A OCdt Couroux

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS