Operations Order – Autumn FTX 2019

1085-10 (CO)

15 Sep 2019

Dist List


  1. Situation:
    1. 809 Squadron requires a Field exercise to be conducted the weekend of 1-3 November 2019.
  2. Mission:
    1. 809 Squadron will conduct a field training exercise to build upon and enhance the level training for survival, leadership and teamwork and mandatory field training.
  3. Execution:
    1. The cadets will commence training on Fri 23 Nov 2018 at 1900 hrs at Wetaskiwin Camp, St Catharines, ON. They will complete training on Sun 25 Nov 2018 at 1400. For a detailed itinerary please see Annex A.
    2. The exercise will be conducted in four phases as follows:
      1. Phase 1 – Planning – Sep 2019
        1. Scheduling and exercise layout
        2. Paperwork submitted to 809 Squadron CO for approval
        3. Paperwork submitted to NGTA Office (NLT 15 Sep 2109)
      2. Phase 2 – Advance Party – 1500 1 Nov 2019
        1. A team is to drive up to Camp Wetaskiwin in advance of the exercise.
        2. The team will set up all supply and accommodation logistics as directed by the weekend OPI
        3. The team will meet Detachment Supply at Wetaskiwin by 1500 to obtain all requested stores and rations
      3. Phase 3 – Training – 19:00 1 Nov 2019
        1. All cadets and staff will execute the exercise as laid out on the schedule in Annex A
      4. Phase 4 – Tear-down and Departure
        1. All training staff will continue to follow Annex A for tear-down
        2. All supplementary orders will come through the OPI or designate
    3. Taskings:
      1. Exercise OIC – Capt J. Lemoine
      2. Exercise TrgO – Lt M. Russell
      3. Exercise LogO – CI S. Carbone
      4. Exercise AdminO – 2Lt R. Nicolescu
      5. Training Staff
        1. Remaining 809 squadron staff and senior cadets
      6. Meals
        1. LogO
      7. Advance Party
        1. OIC
        2. (TBD)
  4. Service and Support
    1. Rations
      1. Friday
        1. All cadets are expected to arrive already fed dinner
        2. Squadron Sponsorship Committee will provide fresh rations for the dinner of the advance party members
      2. Saturday
        1. All three (3) meals will be MREs provided by Detachment
      3. Sunday
        1. Both (2) meals will be MREs provided by Detachment
    2. Supply and Logistics
      1. See Annex B – London Warehouse Stores List Request
      2. 809 Squadron Stores will be pulled from the SupplyO the training night prior to the exercise
        1. Supply will be loaded and transported to the exercise by cargo van on Friday 1 Nov 2019
  5. Transportation:
    1. See Annex D – Camp Wetaskiwin Map
      1. See Annex D – Appendix 1 – Directions to Camp Wetaskiwin
    2. All cadets are expected to provide their own transportation to and from Camp Wetaskiwin
      1. Drop off NLT 1900 1 Nov 2019
      2. Pick-up NLT 1400 3 Nov 2019
    3. One Cargo Van will be required to transport Squadron Kit and act as an emergency vehicle
      1. Capt J. Lemoine is in possession of a valid 404 drivers license
  6. Accommodations:
    1. Accommodations will be four (4) occupant cabins
  7. Emergency Action Plan:
    1. In case of an emergency all actions will be directed through the officer staff and OPI
    2. The squadron mobile phone (905-468-7584) will be available for emergency use during the activity
    3. All cadet home phone contact numbers will be kept with the AdminO at all times
    4. The closest hospital is located at:
      1. 1200 Fourth Avenue, St Catharines, ON L2S 0A9 (Phone 929-378-464)
  8. Dress:
    1. Authorized dress for this exercise:
      1. CAF Members – Operational (CADPAT)
      2. Civilain Staff – Civilian Dress
      3. Cadets – Civilian Dress or FTU (see Annex C for cadet kit list)
  9. Safety/First Aid:
    1. For any minor incidents, the First Aid Officer for the exercise is CI Carbone
      1. He will be in possession of a first aid kit
    2. For major incidents the local ambulance/hospital will be notified
    3. Cadets must be in possession of an Ontario Health Benefits card at ALL times, as well as any medical alert information, asthma inhalers, and/or epipen kits
    4. In the event that a cadet or staff member is hospitalized, the parent/guardian/next of kin will be notified immediately via the emergency contact phone numbers
      1. Any further action required will be determined at that point in time
      2. The NGTA Office be contacted at the earliest opportunity
  10. Command and Signals:
    1. Command Structure is as follows:
      1. OPI – Capt J. Lemoine
      2. 2IC – Lt M. Russell
      3. 3IC – 2Lt R. Nicolescu
  11. Communications:
    1. The squadron mobile phone (905-468-7584) will be available for emergency use during the activity
  12. All inquiries should be directed to the undersigned

OCdt D. Couroux
809 Squadron
Telephone: (905) 468-7584


Annex A
Annex B
Annex C
Annex D

Dist List Info

NGTA6 ZTrgO – Capt C. Hollands

Annex A – Detailed Schedule

  1. (To be provided)

Annex B – Stores List Request

  1. (Available on request)

Annex C – Kit List

  1. All cadets should be in possession of the following clothing and equipment in order to ensure a safe, productive, and enjoyable training exercise:
    1. Ontario Health Card (This is a MUST!)
    2. T-shirts (6)
    3. Pants, Preferably Quick Dry (No Jeans) (4)
    4. Sweater or Sweatshirt (3)
    5. Underwear (4)
    6. Pairs of Socks (8)
    7. Jacket (Waterproof May be Necessary) (1)
    8. Hat (1)
    9. Boots (No Shoes, Waterproof) (1)
    10. Pillow (1)
    11. Face Towel and Body Towel (1)
    12. Flashlight (1)
    13. Sunglasses (1)
    14. Sunscreen (1)
    15. Chapstick
    16. Large Water Bottle (Filled with WATER, BPA-Free) (1)
    17. Toiletries and Personal Hygiene Items
    18. Appropriate Sleeping Attire
    19. Prescription Medication
      (ONLY ENOUGH FOR THE WEEKEND; Notify officer staff immediately upon arrival at Camp Wetaskiwin)
  2. Please note that due to the nature of the weather this time of year it is difficult to account for all personnel kit items. Please use appropriate discretion with packing and follow the weather reports up until departing for the exercise. We will train rain or shine. Please also take into consideration that we will be sleeping in tents and the amount of personal kit space is very limited.
  3. The following optional equipment may be brought:
    1. Camera
  4. Do NOT bring any of the following:
    1. Expensive jewelry
    2. Money
    3. Knives
    4. Non-prescription medication (Advil, Tylenol)
    5. Mobile phone
  5. We are not responsible for lost or broken items, and have a zero tolerance for theft.

Annex D – Camp Wetaskiwin Map

  1. See below

Annex D – Appendix 1 – Directions to Camp Wetaskiwin

  1. From Niagara-on-the-Lake:
    1. Follow Highway 55 toward St. Catharines
    2. Turn right at Queenston Road
    3. Turn left on Welland Canals Parkway
    4. Turn right on Glendale Avenue
    5. Turn left on Pelham Road
    6. Turn left on Scout Camp Road
    7. Arrive at Camp Wetaskiwin