Weekly Routine Orders – Week of 6 Oct 19

6 Oct 19

RO Number

CO’s Message

We’re coming off of a busy weekend. We’ve had success with our Cadet Tag Days event, both in raising needed funds for our activities and in increasing awareness of our program in the community. Unfortunately, our Gliding Familiarization Day wasn’t as successful due to two factors. One of these was the weather, which we have no real control over. The other was a communications breakdown, which should not have occurred. Once again, I apologize for inconveniencing everyone. I’ve already had some helpful correspondence with the Gliding Centre commander and am confident that we can avoid this happening again. I’m also looking into options for our newer cadets to get in on a different gliding session with another squadron so that they don’t miss out on the experience. More information will be posted as soon as I have it.

As discussed last week, we’re doing Drill Team practice from 1900-2000 (7:00pm-8:00pm) and sports from 2000-2100 (8:00pm-9:00pm) for our Optional Training Night on Monday.

Remember that Wednesday evening’s Regular Training Night is mandatory for cadets to attend. If a cadet cannot attend, it is essential that they report their absence before training begins for the evening. Call or text the squadron phone at (905) 468-7584 or email 809air@cadets.gc.ca to report.

From 10-20 Oct 19, I will be out of the country. During my absence, please escalate any concerns to Lt Russell either personally or via email to matthew.russell@cadets.gc.ca as necessary.

Lastly, there will be no Optional Training Night on 14 Oct 19. Stay home and enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend. We’ll be back on the Wednesday following.

Training Night
9 Oct 19

Training Night Schedule
See the Events Calendar.

CAF Member Dress

Cadet Dress
C3B: Sgt, FSgt, WO2, WO1
C3F: Cdt, LAC, Cpl, FCpl

Duty Personnel
Duty Officer: CV Dau

This Week’s Activities

Date Day Activity Location Dress OIC
7 Oct 19 1900-2100 Monday Optional Training Night 809 HQ (CNC) Civilian Capt Lemoine
9 Oct 19 1830-2115 Wednesday Regular Training Night 809 HQ C3B/C3F CV Dau

Upcoming Activities

Date Day Activity Location Dress OIC
16 Oct 19 1830-2115 Wednesday Regular Training Night 809 HQ C3B/C3F Lt Russell

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS