SSC Message: Bottle Drive

Call out to all cadet parents.  We appear to have a bumper crop of bottles this time around so we are going to try and squeak 3 trucks out in addition to full-on cadet collection.

This will take a maximum amount of parent power!!!!

Can you please confirm for me tonight (email coryabt@hotmail.comhow many adults will be coming out on Saturday morning and if you are able to drive cadets for bottle pickups.

We are going to have a small squad starting early and everyone else should be on-site at VanNoorts by 8:45am….we want to get the cadets going by 9:00am.

If you have a hand dolly that you can bring for the day please do so and we will endeavour to save as many backs as possible.

Should we have enough people and are as industrious as I know we can be, even with 3 trucks we should be able to get out early!

This one sets the tone for the year so let’s make this one GOOD!

Cory Abt
SSC Chair