Weekly Routine Orders – Week of 28 Apr 19

28 Apr 19

RO Number


May is nearly upon us and things are about to get busy. We’re starting with the inter-flight Drill Competition on Wednesday, which is the final deciding factor for this year’s Top Flight Award at the Annual Ceremonial Review on the 25th of the month. May the best flight win!

Next Saturday is the NGTA Band and Drill Competition to be held at CFB Borden. Our Drill Team has been working hard on Mondays to make sure that they are as prepared as possible for the competition. The bus leaves 809 Squadron HQ at 1000h (10:30am) on Saturday with an expected return at 1745h (5:45pm) on the same day. If you’re on the Drill Team, ensure that you arrive no later than 0945h (9:45am) on Saturday.

We’re in the midst of planning for the Annual Cadet Awards Banquet on the 24th, which is the night before our Annual Ceremonial Review on the 25th. Dinner for cadets is free, children under 12 are $10 each, and adults are $15 each. An event invitation will be sent out today via evite.com. Please let us know how many will be in attendance, including your cadets as soon as you can so that we can prepare for the correct number of guests.

Training Night
1 May 19

CAF Member Dress

Cadet Dress
C2: All Cadets

Training Night Routine

Activity Timings
Building Open, Parade Setup 1815-1830
Fall-in, Inspection, Opening Parade 1830-1845
Period One 1845-1920
Period Two 1925-2000
Break 2000-2015
Period Three 2015-2050
Clean Up Training Areas and Parade Square 2050-2100
Fall-in, Closing 2100-2115
Dismissal 2115

Duty Personnel
Duty Officer: Lt Russell

Training Night Schedule

Period 1
Period 2
Period 3
All Levels PO/EO C108.02a C108.02b C108.02c
Description Inter-Flight Drill Competition Inter-Flight Drill Competition Inter-Flight Drill Competition

This Week’s Activities

Date Day Activity Location Dress OIC
29 Apr 19 1830-2100 Monday Drill Team Practice (Dress Rehearsal) 809 HQ (CNC) C2 OCdt Couroux
1 May 19 1830-2100 Wednesday Mandatory Training Night (Inter-Flight Drill Competition) 809 HQ (CNC) C2 Lt Russell
4 May 19 1000-1815 Saturday NGTA Drill Team Competitions (Inter-Flight Drill Competition) E-41 Drill Hall, CFB Borden (Bus to/from 809 HQ) C2 OCdt Couroux

Upcoming Activities

Date Day Activity Location Dress OIC
6 May 19 1900-2100 Monday Static Display Preparation 809 HQ (CNC) Civilian OCdt Couroux
8 May 19 1830-2100 Wednesday Mandatory Training Night (Spring Fitness Testing) 809 HQ (CNC) Sports Attire 2Lt Nicolescu

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS