Marksmanship Team Practice and Zone 7/8 Competition

Good news, everyone!

After last week’s tryouts, the 809 Marksmanship Team for 2019 has been selected.

Kudos to all of the cadets who competed for a spot on the team and congratulations to the final members!

The team will be practicing with Capt Palumbo and CV Carbone for a full two hours tomorrow night at the Old Virgil School Gym at 1665 Four Mile Creek Road. This practice is exclusively for the team in preparation for the Zone 7/8 competition on Saturday. Members of the Marksmanship Team should arrive at the front doors of the school no later than 1845 (6:45pm) for setup and should be picked up from the same location at 2115 (9:15pm).

The Zone 7/8 Marksmanship Competition will occur at the Lake Street Armoury, 81 Lake Street, St. Catharines on Saturday, 2 Mar from 0800 (8:00am) to 1700 (5:00pm). Parents should drop their cadets off and pick them up from the competition site. Lt Russell will be supervising the team at the event.

Full details for the competition can be found in the operations order here: NGTA Marksmanship Op Order 2019.

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS