NAG FTX 2018

It’s finally here! The NAG FTX will be this weekend. Over 300 cadets are expected to attend. Activities include canoeing, archery, hiking, orienteering, &c.

We will be departing from 809 HQ at 1700h (5:00pm) on Friday, May 4th and will be returning to the same spot at 1630h (4:30pm) on Sunday, May 6th.

Dress: Civilian or Field Training Uniform (Must have all of the pieces: Boots, Pants, Shirt, Jacket, Beret, Rank Slip-ons.) Dress for the weather.

Kit List:

  1. ONTARIO HEALTH CARD (you will not be allowed to remain at the trg site without it)
  2. Optional: FTU – olive drab decommissioned CF combats with blue air cadet rank, blue beret, black combat boots. (only complete kit to be worn)
  3. T-shirts and or long-sleeve shirts dependent on weather
  4. Pants, preferably quick dry (no jeans)
  5. Sweater or sweatshirt
  6. Underwear
  7. Socks – at least 2 pairs wool
  8. Warm Spring Coat – RAIN COAT
  9. Hat
  10. Shoes 2 pairs – one for canoeing
  11. Gloves
  12. Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Air Mattress (single)
  13. Face Towel and body towel
  14. Flashlight
  15. Sunglasses
  16. Large Water Bottle (filled w/ WATER)
  17. Toiletries and Personal Hygiene Items
  18. Chapstick
  19. Appropriate Sleeping Attire
  20. Bug spray
  21. Sunscreen
  22. HOT LIQUID MUG (for hot chocolate on Sat night – must be separate from water bottle)
  23. Prescription Medication & Non-prescription medication ( Advil, Tylenol) – bring ONLY
    ENOUGH FOR WEEKEND; notify CO immediately upon arrival at Valens Conservation Area.

The official title of the event according to the Operations Order is “May Mayhem” and Maj Palumbo is in charge of the whole thing. With that combination, there’s no way this can be anything but fun. See you there!

J. Lemoine
CO 809 Newark RCACS