Vimy 100 Trip: Day Three

We began the day by catching the Thameslink train from Blackfriars to St. Pancras station. After making a quick stop at the Platform 9 3/4 Shop at King’s Cross, we rode the high speed rail most of the way to Dover. There was some track work, so we had to get a bus for the last leg of the journey.

The afternoon was spent at Dover Castle where we immersed ourselves in the WWII history of the Secret Wartime Tunnels before looking further back to the reign of the Plantagenet Kings of England. The mediaeval history •may• not have exceeded the simple fun of fun of castle exploration for the cadets, but I’m happy with the result either way.

To close the day, we crossed the English Channel to Calais, France. Tomorrow, we’re heading to La Coupole, and the Canadian National Vimy Memorial, with a •possible• stop at the Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial. More pictures and updates to come.

Funny Moments:

Between CV Lett accidentally stepping on OCdt Couroux’s toe and CV Ross-Gowans inadvertently tripping him, he was certain that the ladies were trying to kill him at one point. CV Lett’s final comment of “We’ll finish you off!” may not have helped.

Despite my driving the van that carried all of the cadets’ luggage, the fact that I did not join them in their arduous hike up the hill to the castle earned me some flak. This evapourated when I offered to let them haul their luggage down to the ferry themselves.