Awards Banquet and Annual Ceremonial Review

Awards Banquet

Please join us at 809 Newark Squadron’s 2017 Awards Banquet at 6:30pm on Friday, May 26th at 6:30pm. Please notify us of the number of guests that will be attending no later than Wednesday, May 17th in order for us to make accommodations with the caterer. Dress is semi-formal. (No uniforms!)

Any special meal requirements should be communicated to CI Thiffault before the RSVP deadline.

Cadets are free, children (under 12 years of age) are $10 each and all others are $15 each.

Please make sure you include your cadet in your RSVP.

Annual Ceremonial Review

Cadets are to arrive at the Fire Station for 1:00pm on Saturday, May 27th for practices and setup. Wear your uniform (C1) but bring your tunic on a hanger. They are to report to CI Ruttan for attendance. Parents and guests are asked to arrive at the Fire Station for 2:45pm. As this is a mandatory parade, we require a note from all cadets who are unable to participate.

All parents and cadets are invited to join us following the parade for a small reception to commemorate our success this year – we have lots to celebrate! Please invite your entire family to come to the parade as it truly shows the result of the hard work the Cadets of 809 Squadron have put forward this past training year.

In order to estimate numbers for the SSC BBQ that traditionally follows the ACR, please RSVP using the link above and include your cadet in your response.

Cadets should be in uniform: C1

Guests should dress in business casual attire. (No jeans.)

See you there!