Fall Field Training Exercise

By now I hope you are getting really excited about attending our first FTX of the year.

PARENTS: no baked goods this weekend ūüôĀ as we are outdoors and we don’t want the racoons to eat the brownies. Don’t worry: next time we’ll be asking!¬†Op Order Fall FTX 809 Sqn¬†– contains the nitty-gritty. Feel free to read! Please feed your cadet dinner (unless they are in the Advanced Party – see below) before they arrive at training. There will be an evening snack. HEALTH CARDS ARE REQUIRED TO BE ON-SITE WITH THE CADET AT ALL TIMES DURING THE FTX.¬†

TIMINGS: Fri, 16 Oct 7pm Рall cadets are to arrive at Camp Wetaskiwin in St. Catharines.        Sun, 18 Oct 2pm Рpick up from Camp Wetaskiwin.

LOCATION:  Directions to Camp Wetaskiwin Talk to other families and arrange for carpooling. We will remain at Camp Wetaskiwin for the entire weekend. We will be sleeping OUTSIDE, regardless of the forecast weather.

DRESS:¬†civilian appropriate for weather –¬†St. Catharines Weather Report¬†–¬†or CF Olive Drab combat clothing with combat boots and blue beret with cadet cap brass and rank slip-ons. Officers: CADPAT (please remember that only CF Officers/NCMS are permitted to wear CADPAT clothing, regardless if they are selling it at the surplus store).

BRING: ANNEX C Kit List 16-18 Oct 15¬†– gives you the best list of items that you need. ¬†ONE MAN, ONE KIT! This means that if you can’t carry it – you are bringing too much. NOTHING ELSE. No ipods, music, earphones, gaming devices are required. YOU WILL BE TOO BUSY. CELLPHONES: will be kept at the HQ at all times. Should your cadet need to contact you or you them, we will make sure it happens.

EMERGENCY CELLPHONE: 289-783-1942 – this is Capt Palumbo’s personal cellphone and the emergency number for the weekend. Use it only for emergencies please. Call or text.

ADVANCED PARTY CADETS: you know who you are. I’ll see you tomorrow with Mrs Burland. Dinner will be given to all members of the advanced party. Wear civilian clothes for school and bring your combats/FTX clothing to change into at the Squadron before we head out to the camp-site.