Canada Day Volunteers Needed

The Rotary Club of NOTL needs our help. Please see details below. Capt Lemoine and OCdt Couroux will be supervising. DRESS: Cadets: Routine Trg Dress C2B (blue dress shirt with rank epaulettes, wedge, blue pants, grey socks, parade boots, belt, nametag, undress ribbons). Staff: equivalent.

The schedule for Canada Day is:

  • Pop sales:  11:00 a.m. – l:00 p.m. or l:00 – 3:00 p.m. Cadets should come to Simcoe Park and report to Martin or Ruth at the Rotary BBQ section.
  • Cake Parade: 2pm. They should come to Simcoe Park at the Shelter Box and report to Betty or Ruth.

Please contact Capt Lemoine directly at – include your Rank and Last Name. We need approximately 2-4 cadets per area per shift (6-12 total). Remember to bring your high school volunteer sheets for Capt Lemoine to sign-off on.