Training Update

TAGGING was a huge success. Our best total to date. THANK YOU to everyone that helped out by driving, tagging and providing hot chocolate when needed. We appreciate all of your efforts to make the wknd such a great haul.

NATIONAL COURSE APPLICATIONS: please bring ALL of your required documentation (anything from birth certificate for photocopying to passport photo IF your course application requires it) to the Squadron on Wed night, 10 Dec 14. Need help to figure out what you need? Look it up here: 2015 National Courses HB Wed night is the FINAL evening that you can hand in the required paperwork. For narratives: please add a signature block to the bottom. It should look like this: (only with no spaces between the lines and include your name and rank)

C. Bloggins


809 Newark Squadron

SANTA CLAUS PARADE: Lt Russell will be briefing the cadets on Wed as to specific orders for Saturday’s parade. Sat 13 Dec 1030am form-up and 11am parade start. We are at position #2 for the parade. Info here:Parade Map 2014 and 2 – 809 squadron. Dress is C-3 for everyone on Saturday. Parkas and black gloves must be worn by all participating.

MESS DINNER: Every cadet is expected to attend this mandatory function. Dress is C-8. Look it up under the Dress Regulations. You are required to purchase/borrow your own black bow-tie and white shirt to be worn under the tunic. Females: hair must still meet regulations as per the air cadet dress instructions. Males: get a hair cut & shave (if applicable). Dinner starts at 630pm. It is for the cadets, staff and sponsoring committee members only. PARENTS: if you would like to help serve the meal to the cadets, or help CI Thiffault in the kitchen, please email Capt Palumbo directly at: Dress for servers is a white shirt and black pants/skirt.

See you tomorrow night! And don’t forget, polish those boots. Capt Jarrell is still winning the competition.