Chief of Reserves and Cadets – Video Message June 2014

Posted on behalf of RAdm Bennett, Chief of Reserves and Cadets:

Good day,

As the cadet training year draws to a close and cadets from across the country prepare for summer training, I have prepared a video message to share news about what’s happening at the national level of the Cadet Program, to recognize and thank our cadets for the incredible things they are doing in their communities, and to encourage them to take advantage of every opportunity this wonderful program has to offer.

Please promote and distribute this video to cadets throughout your Corps and Squadrons and Cadet Summer Training Centres, across your social media networks, and in any public or internal forum you deem appropriate.

The video is now live on YouTube and can be accessed via the Canadian Cadet Organizations Facebook page at, and the @Cadetsca Twitter feed at

Thank you for all that you do every day in helping to develop the leaders of tomorrow. Best wishes for a fantastic and safe summer!

J.J. Bennett
Chief Reserves and Cadets

Chief of Reserves and Cadets – Video Message June 2014