Poppy Sales Sign-Up

Cadets are needed to help with POPPY SALES – this is not an optional activity. As the Legion is our title sponsor, it is our duty to help. You will meet at the Cadet Hall where CI Ruttan will make sure you receive your box and poppies. You and your partner will be placed at either the Valumart or Silk’s plaza in Virgil.
Dress is UNIFORM – with turtleneck & cadet parka & TOQUE. If you need any of these items, see CI Thiffault on Wed night.
SHIFT 1: 0845 am – 12pm
SHIFT 2: 1145 am – 3pm
SHIFT 3: 245 pm – 6pm
We need 4 cadets per shift – so 12 cadets this Sat. The same timings and numbers are needed for next Sat, 9th of Nov. SIGN UP FOR AT LEAST ONE SHIFT ON ONE DAY.

This time will count towards high school volunteer hours, and for advanced promotion consideration. Please reply by email to tammypalumbo@yahoo.ca

Thank you for your support.