Merit Review Board

2013/09/30 @ 23:00 – 2013/10/01 @ 00:00
809 Squadron HQ
1665 Four Mile Creek Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0

There will be a Merit Review Board for the promotion from FSgt to Warrant Officer Second Class on Monday 30 Sep 2013 at our squadron HQ. This is to coincide with the WOI Merit Review Board in Grimsby.

Interviews will start at 1900 and the boards will finish by 2100. We are planning interviews as follows for the eligible cadets.

All boards will be 25 minutes long with the interview of the cadet being 10-15 minutes.

The Det Rep for the Board is TBD as two of our choices are being otherwise tasked. There will be two other members on the board:

1. At least one representative from OPC: a member of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee: Mr. Eden & Mr. Ruttan as discussed;
2. A staff Officer from the squadron (not the Commanding Officer)

The following information will be presented to the board:

A copy of the Cadet’s Fortress record
The actual cadet personnel file
Attendance records for the cadet as published from Fortress for the last two years which shows percentage of attendance
All previous CSTC Course Reports
A listing of the regional, national and NAG directed activities they have participated in the last two years.
Uniform inspection marks for the previous training year
Any blue and/or red chits as found in their personnel file
Any other pertinent information the CO wishes the board to consider
Please direct any questions to me at the Squadron on Wed, or reply direct to my email address.