Award Nominations – 2019/2020 Training Year

Good afternoon.

As promised, the form for submitting nominations for last training year is now on-line at the following link:

You must be logged in to Google Workspace using your email account in order to access the form.

Award descriptions can be found on the 809 Newark RCACS web site at the following link:

Do not nominate a cadet for an award if you are not eligible to do so. See the description for each award to see who is eligible to make a nomination. Self-nominations will be accepted, but will have less weight than a nomination made for someone else will.

Remember to include as much detail as possible in the justification. This can add weight to the nomination.

Nominations for the 2019/2020 training year must be made before 30 November 2020 so that we can present all of the awards before our winter stand-down.

J Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS