70th Annual Canadian International Airshow Volunteer Opportunity

Cadets have been given the opportunity to showcase the cadet program and take part in the 70th Canadian International Airshow. This year, the Air Cadet Program has been asked to assist with selling calendars/programs for the three-day event.

The Area Office has asked us to seek cadet volunteers for 31 August, 1 September and 2 September 2019. For each day they would like to see two officers and a minimum of 15 cadets. If you’re available and interested, please contact me by email at jody.lemoine@cadets.gc.ca as soon as you can.

Officer Staff:

Will receive a full days’ pay and TA (distance to determine) claim.
Dress is 3B.
The Area Office will require the following information; SN, Surname, Given Name, Rank, Email address, and phone number, and address.


Must be at least 14 years old.
Will receive $1 per calendar sold OR receive an official letter for high school volunteer hours signed off by the Canadian International Airshow.
Lunch will be provided.
Dress is C2A.
Area Office will require the following information; CIN, Last Name, Given Name, Rank, Contact number.

Cadets and Staff are to arrive at the Canadian National Exhibition grounds no later than 1030hr each day and should expect to sell until 1430hr. All Cadets should be prepared to walk around under the sun for about 5 hours each day. They should definitely bring sunscreen and, optionally, ear protection.

Volunteers will be given tickets to access the CNE after the Airshow.

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS

2019 Volunteer Poster