Effective Speaking Competition Winners

Good evening.

Last night’s effective speaking competition was a great success! Thanks go out to Mrs. Gowans for her ongoing efforts over the last few months helping our cadets to prepare for the event. Thank you to our volunteer judges, timers, and tabulator, our MC, and our participating cadets. On the other hand, there will be no thanks whatsoever to the chaotic weather that cancelled our competition once and almost did so a second time too.

For those of you who weren’t fortunate enough to be able to attend, I can say that every speaker did an excellent job and that I didn’t envy the hard decisions that our judges had to make. In the end, our winners were as follows:

1st Place: Cpl Thomas Forsyth
2nd Place: Cpl James Couroux
3rd Place: Cpls Emily Abt and Shaelynn Lett (Tie)

Congratulations to all!

There was a bit of a mix-up last night and we failed to include Cpl Abt in the winners’ announcement. We were in a bit of a hurry and took the top three cadets on the score sheet, but didn’t realize until later that the fourth cadet on the list had the same score as the third one. Apologies have been extended and accepted. We’ll endeavour to be better next time.

The upcoming regional Wing 10 Effective Speaking Competition is tentatively happening in Grimsby on the 30th of March. Unfortunately, with the increased number of squadrons participating, we can only send one cadet to the regional competition. Best of luck to Cpl Forsyth as he represents 809!

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS