Gliding Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, weather permitting, we’ll be gliding at Niagara Central Airport in Welland. Priority goes to level two cadets, and to those who have yet to have a flight.

The forecast for tomorrow is cold (6ºC) weather with a 30% chance of snow/rain. It’s very possible that we’ll have to cancel early in the morning, so check the web site before you leave.

Dress is civilian, but bring your cadet parka, liner, gloves, toque, a warm sweater, jeans, and running shoes. To prevent boredom while waiting, a backpack with water/drink, snacks, music and a book is advised, too.

Meet at the Terminal building. DO NOT attempt to cross over into the airfield alone. The SOGC staff will come collect you from the terminal.

If you have transportation trouble and need to carpool, please contact me at (905) 468-7584 to make arrangements.

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS