Summer Training Schedule

Last night, a few parents/guardians were asking about the timings for the different summer training courses. In previous years, we were always scheduled for the last intake of the summer and timings could be more easily predicted. This year, with our unit’s supervision moving from the Southwestern Ontario Area to the Niagara to the Greater Toronto Area, the schedules are a bit more unpredictable. All of the timings for the courses announced last night are posted below:

Basic Aviation Course (BAC) – CTC Trenton – 2018/7/9-2018/7/27
Basic Aviation Technology and Aerospace Course (BATAC) – CTC Trenton – 2018/7/9-2018/7/27
Basic Survival Course – CTC Blackdown – 2018/7/30-2018/8/16
Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor Course – CTC Connaught – 2018/7/9-2018/8/17
Survival Instructor Course (SIC) – CTC Blackdown – 2018/7/9-2018/8/16
Staff, Advanced Aerospace Course (SC/CC AASC) – CTC St-Jean – 2018/6/26-2018/8/14

Although our final acceptance list isn’t in yet, it looks like our intake for the two-week General Training course for first year cadets will be 2018/7/23-2017/8/3 at CTC Trenton.

J. Lemoine
CO 809 Newark RCACS