Effective Speaking Competition

For those cadets participating in next week’s Effective Speaking Competition, the form that you were given last night was incomplete. It turns out that the proper form has two sides and the one you were given only has one. The complete form that needs to be filled out for next week is at the following link:

ACLC OPC Effective Speaking Application Form

In addition, Mrs. Gowans has asked me to post a few items as reminders from this week’s training session.

First, a link to last year’s competition so that cadets can view it and get ideas and pointers from watching previous entries.

2017 Impromtu Finals
2017 Prepared Finals

Second, a the Effective Speaking Workshop Presentation, especially slides 13-24.

Remember that our competition is next Wednesday and that you should be practicing and polishing your speeches until then. We’re all looking forward to hearing what you have to say.