Aviation Weekend Kit List (Updated)

Kit List:


  1. Health Card
  2. Appropriate Outdoor Coat or Cadet Parka
  3. 809 Shirt and Ball Cap
  4. 809 Hoodie (if available)
  5. Shirts (2 minimum)
  6. Socks (2 pair minimum)
  7. Underwear (2 pair minimum)
  8. Pyjamas
  9. Pants (i.e. khakis, jeans [no rips or holes])
  10. Running shoes (indoor and outdoor)
  11. Personal Hygiene Kit. (tooth brush, tooth paste, &c)
  12. Plastic Bag (for dirty laundry)
  13. Air Mattress
  14. Sleeping Bag and Pillow


Medication as required (bring only what is necessary for the weekend)

Optional Items: (809 Squadron will not be responsible for lost or stolen items)

  1. Camera
  2. Music Player with Headphones (iPod, &c)
  3. Appropriate Reading Material

Prohibited Items:

  1. Any Item Deemed to be a Potential Weapon (i.e. Knives)
  2. Illegal or Controlled Substances (i.e. Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco)
  3. Pornographic material