Wally May Trophy (Best NCO)


Awarded to the best NCO in the squadron as chosen by the staff and senior cadets. The award is based on attendance, attitude, drill, and deportment.


Nominations for this award may be made by any senior cadet or members of the squadron staff. The final decision on this award will be made by the staff and senior cadets.


The recipient’s name is engraved on a trophy and the recipient shall receive a keeper plaque.

Past Recipients

1997: Sgt A. Sorgenfrei
1998: Cpl M. Neuhof
1999: Sgt M. Neuhof
2000: FSgt D. Froese
2001: WO1 J. Treadwell
2002: FSgt D. Froese
2003: Sgt R. Cooper
2004: Sgt A. King
2005: FSgt R. Cooper
2006: WO2 R. Cooper
2007-2009: Not Awarded
2010: FCpl S. McMullen
2011: FCpl R. Hidvary
2012: Cpl Sono and FCpl Kinaschuk
2013: FCpl Mehrotra
2014: FCpl A. Simpson
2015: FSgt G. Burland
2016: FCpl S. Carbone
2017: Sgt W. Couroux
2018: FSgt W. Couroux
2019: Sgt S. Abt
2020: Sgt T. Forsyth